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Children Say the Nicest Things

The Year Five class at St Edward's Catholic Primary School, Swadlincote, Derbyshire used my short story The Door Keeper for Literacy recently, and their reviews had me glowing with pride:

"I really enjoy this kind of story because, you know what, it is imaginary and it’s really historical. I have a really good idea why it’s good and that is because all the sentences aren’t blabbering on and it seems real. It is also creepy and quite scary."

"I like the surprises and the action and I like the name of the story – it’s really mysterious."

"This action packed mini-story is absolutely amazing."

"I think it is very mysterious. I would say you have an amazing imagination."

"I liked the description and the short and snappy sentences at the start but the thing that got me thinking was if the story could be true ... if it was it would make the universe a stranger and more exciting place."

"This story is epic."

"I hope you write more stories like this – you have inspired me to be an author."


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The Poultney Inn

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