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Check Your Privilege Before Changing Lanes - A White Author Reflects on Diversity

Photo by Gerry Machen

Can a white author have an opinion on diversity? It's understandably a touchy subject. In my blog post, I explore why publishing must change to reflect the diversity in the population at large, and how this process can be a positive thing for everyone.

Read the full post at Notes from the Slushpile.

What Next? Life After The Hook

Photo by Clare Helen Welsh

I recently took part in The Hook at the SCBWI British Isles conference, a crazy X Factor/Dragon’s Den style competition for children’s writers and illustrators. I and five other lunatics got up onstage in front of four agents and 200 of our peers, and spent five minutes each pitching our books.

How did I do? Visit Notes from the Slushpile to find out...

Introducing Mindworm

As you may know, Stew Magazine unfortunately ceased publication in late 2016. I'd had 12 short stories published in the magazine - all of them beautifully illustrated - but that seemed to be an end to it.

What I didn't know was that the editor of Stew had commissioned a final illustration for my remaining story Mindworm, from talented Dutch artist Mei-Li Nieuwland. Mei-Li contacted me after the demise of Stew, and we agreed that the story and illustration were just too good to keep to ourselves. Which is why I'm offering it here as a free download.

Mei-Li has produced a stunning presentation of the story that would have looked right at home between the covers of Stew Magazine. As for me, I'm just happy that this twisted story of apps-gone-bad has become my unofficial 13th Stew short story. 13 will definitely be unlucky for someone. But who?

Click here to download the PDF of Mindworm and find out

You can see more of Mei-Li's illustrations at her website or follow her on Twitter.