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This is my "official" website where you can read all sorts of random stuff about me and I can pretend to be grown-up for a change.

I'm represented by Heather Cashman at Storm Literary

Letting Go

Eleven years ago, I first put pen to paper on an exciting new novel. Last month, my agent finally sent the book (now a graphic novel) out to publishers. How does it feel to let go of a project after such a long gestation?

Illustration by Nick Cross


All four episodes of my comic strip for writers and illustrators are available at SCBWI Words & Pictures magazine. Antisoci@l Media is a fun look at the highs and lows of social media for creative people.

Check out ANTISOCI@L MEDIA here.

Ten Years as a Discovered Voice: What I’ve Learnt

I'm delighted to be the first Undiscovered Voices 2022 guest blogger. Find out about my journey in the ten(ish) years since I was selected for Undiscovered Voices, and why it's all been worth it, even when things didn't go exactly to plan...

Read the blog post on the Undiscovered Voices site.

Mixing it Up - Challenging My Unconscious Biases to Add Diversity to My Writing

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

As a straight, white man, how can I add diversity to my work in a realistic, sensitive and respectful way? In my blog post for Notes from the Slushpile, I talk about exactly how I went about this process for my latest graphic novel.

My Comic Book Inspirations

As a child, I loved the British humour comics that dropped through my letterbox each week. In an article for SCBWI Words & Pictures, I talk about how these titles shaped my creative worldview as a writer and illustrator.

My Magazine Merit Award Story

I was honoured to be asked to kick off a new series on SCBWI Words & Pictures magazine, all about SCBWI's awards, grants and scholarships.

Here I am talking about my 2015 Magazine Merit Award win for my short story The Last Typewriter, which you can also read right here on my site.


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